Hakham Rabbi
Shimon Agassi
This website holds links to websites of  the late Rabbi Shimon Agassi's life story,
selected essays, books, some artifacts, pictures and family trees.  Hakham Rabbi
Shimon Ben Aharon Agassi (HARASHB"A) Z'L, lived in Baghdad between the years
1852 and 1914.
"Harav Shimon Agassi's light of Torah spread through the hearts of that entire
generation and those after it.
Gadol bacol micol col in the revealed and hidden Torah,
in his vast knowledge and depth of understanding. A great leader in
tsedaka and
kindness, great community activist and great in understanding and vision..." was
written about him.

I dedicate this website to the memory of my honorable Grandfather, to the memory of
my beloved late parents, Eliyahu and Ada, and to my beloved close family, my wife
Miri, my children Uri, Maya and Na'ama.
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Shimon (Eliyahu Rabbi Shimon) Agassi, Tel-Aviv, 2003.
Hakham Rabbi Shimon Ben Aharon Agassi,
HARASHB"A, 1852-1914
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