Family Tree of Baghdadi Hakham Rabbi Yosef Agassi, received from his great GrandDaughter, Rachel (Agassi) Samoha.

This Family Tree was built by Shimon Agassi, the grandson of the Baghdadi Rabbi Shimon Ben Aharon Agassi, in search for the Agassi Family genealogical ties.

This tree was merged with the Family Tree of Hakham Rabbi Shimon Agassi, on 7/8/2004.

Aharon, (Rabbi Shimon's father) and Moshe (assumed Rabbi Yosef's father) were brothers. My assumption, that Moshe was Rabbi Yosef's father, is based on two facts:
a) Rabbi Yosef was the son of Rabbi Shimon's uncle.
b) Rabbi Yosef's first son named Moshe. It was a habbit at that time to call your elder son after your father.

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Enjoy and Thanks. Date: 07 August 2004.

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